In its commitment to offering top-tier services to customers, Floward, the leading online platform for flower and gift delivery in MENA and the UK, is rolling out new enhancements to its messaging system. These updates are crafted to deliver a more customized and unforgettable gifting journey for both the sender and the recipient.

Floward has broadened its range of message cards, enabling users to select cards that align perfectly with the occasion. These cards are occasion-specific, automatically recognizing the event linked to the main product and showcasing the most suitable cards. Despite this, users retain the option to select their preferred card, ensuring a personal touch.

To add a genuine, personal feel to each order, Floward now allows users to sign their message cards by hand. For those unable to sign personally, a handwritten font option is provided, making it simple for everyone to include a distinctive, handwritten note that elevates their gift to a memorable one.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI and GPT technologies, Floward offers AI-generated message suggestions, easing the challenge of what to write on message cards. With AI assistance, Floward has assembled a comprehensive collection of pre-written messages that cater to all occasions, genders, and tones of voice. The company ensures inclusivity by providing messages in both Arabic and English, guaranteeing users find the perfect sentiment to complement their order.

Floward initially allowed attaching YouTube links to gifts to express feelings more vividly. Subsequently, they introduced a feature enabling users to record video messages. The latest update extends this by allowing users to add photos, enhancing the personal visual aspect of their gift.

Floward has consistently been a pioneer in product and feature innovation. After a period of refining its processes, the company is back to its innovative ways. Floward is committed to continually developing new products and features that streamline the gift-sending process, enabling clients to convey their heartfelt sentiments with ease. By personalizing each step from order placement to delivery, Floward guarantees a smooth and memorable gifting experience.

Abdulaziz B Al Loughani, Floward's Chairman and CEO, stated: "We are committed to improving the gifting experience through ongoing feature development that allows our clients to express their feelings in the most personal and heartfelt manner. These new features reflect our dedication to innovation, and we are thrilled to offer even more personalized and seamless experiences to our customers."

Founded in 2017, Floward is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that provides premium fresh-cut flowers from top growers and farmers worldwide, arranged locally by skilled florists and designers. Floward also offers cakes, chocolates, and perfumes from the region’s leading designers, bundled with flower arrangements, and manages same-day delivery to ensure the best customer experience. For more information, visit