A former driver employed by a general trading company has been charged with embezzling a significant amount of money from the company over a span of more than two years. Found guilty, he has been sentenced to a one-month prison term followed by deportation and has been fined an amount equal to the embezzled funds. Earlier, Dubai public prosecutors had charged the 34-year-old Indian national with the crime, which occurred from 2017 to December 2019 under the jurisdiction of Al Muraqqabat Police Station. The driver, who was in charge of delivering goods to clients and collecting payments, is alleged to have embezzled a total of Dh114,966.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that the driver manipulated the accounting records while performing his duties. He allegedly did not record the payments collected from clients in the company’s accounting system, instead keeping the money for himself. The court was convinced of his guilt based on the evidence presented, which included a detailed accounting report and testimonies from key witnesses.

A fellow worker testified that the defendant was responsible for delivering various products, such as plastic kitchenware, to clients and collecting payments. The witness noted that the defendant maintained records in a three-copy ledger but failed to accurately document transactions in the company’s accounting system. The discrepancy came to light only after the defendant took annual leave in early 2020, when a replacement driver discovered that payments from clients did not align with the company’s records.

Upon being confronted, several clients confirmed they had paid the man, providing receipts as evidence. Initially, the defendant admitted to embezzling only Dh52,575 and signed a confession, promising to repay the amount within 90 days. However, subsequent audits revealed that the total embezzled sum was higher.