On Sunday, more than 200 blue-collar workers received free health screenings at a mobile clinic set up at Naffco Camp 9 in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2. This initiative was part of a special educational project by a university based in Dubai. Students from Georgetown University's Executive MBA program worked alongside various healthcare stakeholders for an educational module known as the 'Ethics Module'. Mohammed Imran, a worker at the Jebel Ali firefighting department, benefited from the timely diagnosis of his fever. Dr. Daiealsham from Dubai Health, one of the eight doctors present, focused on identifying symptoms of heat injuries and illnesses, primarily screening for diabetes and hypertension. Sanjay Chauhan, a driver at Naffco, noted the increased emphasis on worker health, especially during summer. Medical professionals and volunteers checked vital signs, hydration levels, and screened for heat-related illnesses, distributing essential supplements provided by Life Pharmacy. Shubash Selvaraj, a recent expat, praised the initiative, highlighting its importance for regular health checks among expats. The project was designed by working professionals enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Georgetown University, who received funding to implement their ideas. Collaborations with entities like Al Jalila Foundation, Dubai Health, and Life Pharmacy helped scale the project, impacting a larger number of workers. Educational materials and sessions on health awareness were provided in six languages. Khaled AlShehhi from the UAE Government Media Office noted the potential for Georgetown University to establish an annual collaboration with these partners, creating a sustainable ecosystem for community health initiatives.