Overcoming his initial fear of birds, Ajeeb from India is now a skilled parrot trainer, demonstrating how determination can transform fear into fascination. At 41, he is part of a team of about 30 members from various backgrounds, aiming to display the nation's avian proficiency on international platforms. They are backed by the UAE's Happiness Team for Talking Birds. Ajeeb's journey started with ornithophobia during his youth. However, in college, he conquered his fear by engaging with a friend's parrot. 'That moment was pivotal. I've been captivated by these charming creatures ever since,' he recalls. Over time, Ajeeb, who grew up in the UAE, has kept and trained numerous parrot species, including lovebirds, conures, and macaws. His expertise lies in training, especially in recall techniques such as greeting with a 'hello' or mimicking laughter. Ajeeb notes other spontaneous behaviors the birds learn, like saying '1 2 3 go!' when excited about flight. Since 2016, Salem Al Asli's Happiness Team for Talking Birds has brought together bird breeders across the UAE. Through yearly events and participation in UAE festivals, they educate the public on bird breeding and care, while entertaining with spectacular parrot shows and free flight displays. Khalifa Al Musafiri, inspired by the team's majestic macaws, has devoted himself to training these birds. Emphasizing the emotional investment, Khalifa explains, 'Macaws make emotional decisions based on their bond with their owner, crucial for free flight.' Abdulrahman Al-Bahri, influenced by his family's bird breeding background, has specialized in free flight training and avian care under the team's mentorship, focusing on species like Blue and Gold Macaws. He emphasizes the need for scientific knowledge and responsible ownership. 'Raising parrots demands time, patience, study, and financial planning, given the cost of treatments. Properly learned, bird breeding is straightforward,' he states. Hamad Al-Bahri, at 20, represents the next generation's zeal for avian care. His interest grew upon discovering the Happiness Team on Instagram, where their gatherings offered crucial support. Training duration depends on the bird's age and type, usually taking one to two months for initial Macaw flight training. Asma Mohammed, drawn to birds' colors and free flight, joined the team seven years ago after exploring pet stores and the bird market. Under their guidance, she has trained various species, emphasizing the team's focus on nutrition, training, and community support, making aviculture accessible and rewarding for all enthusiasts.