Faraz Javed's journey into journalism was not driven by a passion for news reporting but rather a background in filmmaking. He had aspired to study filmmaking and had been involved in international productions like 'Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol' and 'Star Trek.' Javed's foray into American news was brief, during his stint at MTV News, but he fully embraced journalism with Dubai One after being born and raised in the UAE.

Currently, Javed reports for WXYZ, covering Michigan, and has earned a regional Emmy for his coverage of the Michigan State University shooting. During a recent trip to the UAE, he discussed the significance of hyperlocal stories in community empowerment.

Javed's childhood in Dubai was marked by an upper-middle-class lifestyle and significant family time, which he values highly. Before media, he explored filmmaking, winning an acting competition that led to a four-month acting program in Mumbai under Bollywood and theatre actors.

In New York, Javed interned at a film production company and later worked at MTV, rising from a production assistant to a producer. This led to projects in Dubai, including an MTV Cribs-inspired series, and a radio hosting job. His career transitioned to Dubai One, where he produced several TV shows before moving to Emirates News and eventually ABC News in Detroit.

Javed's experience on film sets for 'Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol' and 'Star Trek' was memorable, involving long hours and interactions with stars like Tom Cruise and Idris Elba. His time at Dubai One taught him the importance of bridging government and expats, especially during the pandemic.

The pandemic highlighted the critical role of news, making Javed an essential worker. He took on multiple roles, including cameraman and editor, during this period. His move to the US was motivated by a desire to challenge himself and further his career.

Javed believes in the power of journalism to tell compelling stories and connect with the public. He advocates for trusted news sources over social media, emphasizing the importance of vetted information. His work at ABC News has led to policy changes and support for the underprivileged, inspiring him to continue as a journalist.