Previously, Abdulla AlShehhi struggled to use a treadmill without becoming breathless in minutes. Today, he boasts an impressive record of completing 15 marathons, both in the UAE and internationally. Hailing from Ras Al Khaimah, AlShehhi embarked on his fitness journey over a decade ago when he resolved to shed his then 100kg weight. Starting with short runs, his journey took a significant turn in 2014 when a marathon advertisement in Ras Al Khaimah inspired him to run his first marathon in Dubai. AlShehhi's commitment to a healthy lifestyle has driven him to participate in marathons worldwide, including the recent Boston Marathon where he received the prestigious 'Six Star Finisher Medal' from the Abbott World Marathon Majors. He continues to set new goals, encouraging others to do the same for motivation in their endeavors. AlShehhi, an engineer at Adnoc, balances his demanding work schedule with his running passion by training either early mornings or late evenings, often circling the small island where he works. Despite challenges like the UAE's lesser enthusiasm for running compared to other sports and the harsh summer weather, AlShehhi adapts by training indoors during the summer months, though he prefers outdoor runs. Running serves as his stress relief, enhancing his focus and calmness in daily life. Reflecting on the COVID-19 lockdown, he recalls running in his hotel room, marking a tough period. AlShehhi dreams of racing on every continent and hopes for a marathon uniting all Gulf countries.