There's hardly one man in the world who never dreamt to earn enough money in order to never think about it. Some become millionaire at the age of 23, others never rise higher than mid-dle class. The Biziness-coaching world lives through an amazing happening: young people buy 'Transformator' like hot cakes. How to exist in business field tells it's author, business-blogger № 1 in Russia, representative of 'Association of young businessmen of Russia in Chi-na', owner and director of the company Transitplus Dmitriy Portnyagin.

I get jarred when they say that 'Transformator' is about business. I don't tell how to make money or make 2 rubles become 10. I tell about sense, philosophy of making business and life priorities. I move according to my feelings and I don't pretend to have a global mission and vision of future 10 or 30 years ahead. I don't think that we are changing the world here and now. I'm starting from what I feel at the moment. It's good when I'm in the flow, in a rock'n'roll state. If I want to live, to wake up in the morning, than I do something right.
I came up to want to do something for people, to share, to unite them not very long ago around 1,5 years. I occurred to have free time I never had before. I was following the route consisting of several parts stages of development. Survival stage: you have less that nothing, you are in minus, you have debts and eternal obligations to everyone around. It was a hard time: I just wanted to get out of this and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was 18–19 years old, I was starting my business.
Then there was a stage of positions strengthening and multiplying success. This process was more interesting, freer and I understood that it was very important to speed up. I didn't know how to do it, I had neither knowledge nor support. A small town where everyone is on his own; if you ask for advice you are weak and it does no good. In regions people are closed and you have to work counting just on yourself.
Third stage is a strength test: it came with betrayal and fight for keeping positions. Not just competitors but partners, close friends, all people who surrounded me first circle of people you trust set you up or use you and try to take a piece of cake for themselves.

Then stagnation stage. You are doing fine, but it is a calm: you manage to do everything but there's no drive you stared with. You want to risk again. Business is not always about money. People chase this feeling: to want and achieve. I started to really suffer. I understood that I'm 24, I was a millionaire in dollars, everything was wonderful and at the same time everything was horrible because this money didn't bring me any happiness. Now looking back I see that it was a frontier, a starting point of my new interesting life.
Next stage is 'I know and can do anything'. When you think that you 'caught the God by his beard' and you are starting a corporation of your dream, you will cope with everything. I started to get involved into all possible affairs: invest money as investor, play the all knowing man role. And all the trades I actually didn't know or understand rebuffed me quite strongly. All of those markets had competitors and despite of my aggressive position I failed pathetically. But drive was back and I enjoyed it very much. I understood that there's no loss in business. If you do something wrong you learn from it. If you make mistakes, you go through compli-cations, you get experience. If you do right you get money. That was a moment of me becoming a man who can build strategy, think forward, switch on a cold mind. I became a businessman.

The experience I acquired be-came a base of my philosophy I want to pass by to the young beginners, new generation. There are few fac-tors, rules necessary for success. First is to try everything: different markets, goods, products, analyze it all, ask questions. Only then you can hit the point. Second is the testing speed. You should do it fast not to loose time and motivation. When you fail you give up. Third is to pay no attention to opinions of people around you: parents, friends, acquaintances, teachers, pushy society which hates successful people and businessmen as well. You should listen only to businessmen who have their result. And remember the flow rule: never get out of it. It is easy to leave the flow: stop controlling yourself, your emotions and enter the risk zone, even conflict zone. It is 70% up to a person if he keeps being in flow or leave it. It has nothing to do with luck. I never won in casino, playing poker but it is good winning causes passion and passionate people can hardly control their emotions. I just resigned myself, telling: 'Dima, don't hope to have luck by your side". I counted on myself and taught others to do so.

A new age businessman should have a new dramatically different image and philosophy. The freedom in life and soul is very important. I don't want people to suffer. It is suffering if business is just for business and money. I think that we should work easily in a funk and rock'n'roll style and sufferings are excused only if they are about being free in and after the process of earning money: to be able to travel, to develop, to contact people, to get education, make sports, have hobbies and family.

Life gives us big possibilities we have to use them. Business is just a small part of it 10–15% we get resource from. I want to inculcate this attitude into my students' minds. It is important to understand what changed and if you are happy with your business success. I want to hope that everyone can tell the Universe in the end: 'Thank you for such an abundant wonderful life, for all the possibilities given to me. I hope that I met your expectations".
— Dmitriy Portnyagin