The Netherlands narrowly defeated Turkey 2-1 in the Euro 2024 quarterfinal on Saturday, largely thanks to Cody Gakpo's impact. The forward's pressure led to a crucial own goal by the Turks, propelling the Dutch into the semifinals.

Throughout the match, the Dutch struggled as Turkey took an early lead and dominated play. However, Stefan De Vrij's equalizer in the 70th minute shifted the momentum. Gakpo's decisive action came in the 76th minute when he sprinted to the far post, connecting with a low cross that forced Turkey's Mert Muldur to inadvertently score into his own net, securing the Netherlands' place in the last four where they will meet England.

Gakpo, 25, has been instrumental for the Netherlands in this tournament, contributing three goals in five matches. Although Saturday's goal was officially an own goal, his overall finishing has been vital for Ronald Koeman's team's progress. Gakpo scored the opener in their 3-0 victory over Romania in the round of 16 and netted twice in the group stage, each time opening the scoring for his team. He has also provided one assist.

Koeman recently highlighted Gakpo's effectiveness on the left wing, noting his ability to outmaneuver defenders. Turkey's Muldur likely agrees with this assessment. Koeman praised Gakpo, stating, "He is strong. He's playing at a great level this tournament. He's maybe been our most important player up to now and I hope the rest of my team can come up to his level."

Gakpo's performance at the Euros follows his strong form at PSV Eindhoven and his transition to Liverpool in late 2022. His Premier League experience seems to have bolstered his confidence and skills. "I think the last, I don't know how many, games of the season at the club I played also good games. I just took that with me and kept working very hard," Gakpo mentioned recently.

The Netherlands will depend on Gakpo's speed and attacking prowess as they face England for a chance to reach the July 14 final.