Galadari Brothers has always been at the forefront of progress, nurturing brands, divisions, and communities. The new logo, visual identity, commitments, and brand positioning are all aimed at propelling Galadari to even greater heights.

Under the leadership of Co-Chairman and GCEO, Mohammed Galadari, the conglomerate is ushering in a new era of innovation and growth. This creative endeavor is guided by GCMO, Armand Andrea, who successfully led the rebranding project. One aspect of this project involved the development of a new sonic identity by WithFeeling, a specialist in original music composition, sonic branding, and creating compelling soundscapes that foster deeper connections between people and organizations.

Chris Atkins, Managing Director at WithFeeling, expressed, “Sound, for us, is not just a medium but a vibrant language for storytelling, a powerful tool that triggers emotions and drives business growth. We're passionate about creating resonant sensory experiences, using brand voices and innovative sound design to leave a lasting impact.”

Through the new sonic identity, Galadari aims to create inspiring brand tracks for their corporate films, infusing them with grandeur and an epic feel while still reflecting the warm personality of the brand. To achieve this, WithFeeling opted for an orchestral arrangement infused with modern synth elements to contemporize the sound.

Joe Dickinson, Chief Music Officer at WithFeeling, explained, “The four-note sonic logo, mirroring the four syllables of 'Galadari,' serves as a concise, memorable auditory signature that encapsulates their identity.”

After producing multiple versions, the sonic identity that met the exacting standards of both Galadari and WithFeeling was achieved, surpassing all in the audio field. It is instantly recognizable, dramatic in its simplicity, and memorable in its execution.

Armand Andrea, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Galadari Brothers, remarked, “I am incredibly proud of the look and feel of our new brand, and now the sound too, which is just as important. We're celebrating a momentous occasion with the launch of the revamped Galadari brand and the creation of a distinctive audio signature for the first time. We look forward to working with the team to explore ways to build on the sonic identity for other organizational touchpoints. Moving forward, we are confident that our music tracks will forge an instant connection with Galadari.”