There is little that doctors in Gaza can do to ease the pain of three-year-old Suhaib Khuzaiq, who suffered a shrapnel injury leading to an above-knee amputation in December. His father, Ali Khuzaiq, 31, informed AFP from Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City that Suhaib requires painkillers and a prosthetic limb, which are only accessible outside Gaza. On December 6, an Israeli air strike in their Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood southwest of Gaza City injured Suhaib and demolished their home, forcing the family to seek refuge with relatives. The ongoing conflict and Israel's blockade have severely limited medical supplies and damaged much of Gaza's healthcare infrastructure, leading to a surge in amputations as a primary treatment for injuries that might otherwise be managed differently. According to UNICEF data cited by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, an average of ten children in Gaza lose one or both legs daily, amounting to around 2,000 leg amputations since the war began. UNICEF's spokesman, Jonathan Crickx, clarified that these figures are estimates due to the challenges of data collection in a war zone. Mahmoud Basal, a spokesman for Gaza's Civil Defence, confirmed the plausibility of these estimates, noting that each strike often results in multiple child casualties requiring limb amputations. Medical professionals in Gaza often face inadequate conditions, with limited availability of anesthesia, leading to severe pain for the wounded. The blockade also restricts the entry of essential medical equipment and medications, exacerbating the crisis. Ali Khuzaiq hopes that the crossings will reopen, allowing Suhaib to receive necessary treatment outside Gaza, as hospitals within the territory lack adequate resources. Similarly, Marwa Abu Zaida, 40, and her eight-year-old son Nasser, who had limbs amputated following an Israeli strike in Beit Lahia, also aspire to travel abroad for treatment. The dire situation in Gaza extends to other critical health needs, with Bashar Murad of the Palestinian Red Crescent stating that the health sector has collapsed, leaving 25,000 patients in need of medical evacuation, of which only 4,000 have managed to leave. The ongoing war, which began with Hamas's attack on southern Israel in October, has resulted in significant civilian casualties on both sides, according to official figures.