Car buyers in the UAE are being urged to conduct pre-purchase inspections at car service centers to ensure that the vehicles they are interested in were not affected by the heavy rains experienced on April 16. Industry experts advise potential buyers to make their purchases from reputable and regulated sources. Several car service centers in the UAE offer comprehensive vehicle health check-ups for approximately Dh150, providing insight into whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident or damaged during the floods.

Carlos Montenegro, Managing Director for Fleet & Pre-Owned Division at Al-Futtaim Automotive, emphasizes the importance of purchasing pre-owned cars from trusted and authorized distributors, especially in light of the recent rainfall. He stresses that this is crucial for customers to avoid acquiring damaged vehicles.

Sebastian Fuchs, Managing Director of Digital Products and Services at Auto Data Middle East, recommends that car buyers opt for the Dh150 car checks as a worthwhile investment to ensure transparency in the purchase process and identify any rain-related damages. He also highlights the significance of utilizing vehicle tools to ascertain the car's history and pricing before making a decision.

Montenegro notes a surge in demand for new cars, particularly in the SUV and budget-friendly segments, as individuals seek to replace vehicles lost during the adverse weather conditions. Abhinav Gupta, CEO of the Gulf region at Cars24, confirms a growing preference for SUVs among buyers and an uptick in new vehicle demand, leading to slightly increased prices due to pent-up demand resulting from delayed purchase decisions.

Additionally, customers are advised to perform various checks when considering the purchase of a pre-owned car, including inspecting seat belts, assessing for corrosion, ensuring proper functioning of electrical components, examining external lights for water damage, detecting interior odors, and conducting thorough test drives to validate the vehicle's condition.