Whether your domestic helper wishes to return to their home country or you are dissatisfied with their services, there comes a time when residents must say goodbye to their house help. The UAE has implemented strict laws to ensure that domestic workers are not hired without a work permit or that these permits are not misused. There may also be penalties for not cancelling a worker's permit promptly or for overstaying their visa duration. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, a fine ranging from Dh50,000 to Dh200,000 will be imposed on anyone who employs a maid without a work permit and UAE residency visa. The same penalty applies to individuals who misuse work permits for domestic workers. Once you decide to terminate the services of your employed maid, here is how you can cancel his/her work permit. This procedure applies whether the maid is inside or outside the country.

Visit the MOHRE website where you can submit a request to cancel the domestic worker's work permit or their employment contract through one of the service channels. Select the reason for cancellation and pay the required fees. After payment, the application will be electronically forwarded for compliance verification. In case of any deficiencies, these will be reported to the customer for completion. Approvals or rejections will be communicated to the customer via text message and email. Once the service is completed, the ministry's seal will be placed, and the cancellation document will be sent to the employer via email. The entire process takes up to one working day to complete.

Fees: For residents cancelling the worker's permit in Dubai, the entire process costs Dh85.75. Costs and process may differ for workers who have been outside the country for more than three months. In other emirates excluding Dubai, a fee of Dh65 will be charged.