Leaving Dubai for good can be a challenging process, involving tasks like canceling cards and utility accounts, as well as bidding farewell to acquaintances. Among the crucial steps is closing the bank account, which is recommended to be done early on. Along with leaving the country, individuals might choose to close their accounts when switching banks or due to prolonged inactivity.

The process of closure is complimentary at certain UAE banks, while others may levy fees ranging from Dh100 to Dh1,050, depending on the account type and associated formalities. Initiating the closure involves settling all outstanding dues, encompassing credit card balances, cheques, loans, and account maintenance fees.

Several documents are necessary for a smooth closure, including the applicant's Emirates ID or passport, proof of residence (if changed), and unused or used chequebooks. Additionally, certain banks may request copies of clearance letters from relevant companies.

To close an account, physical presence at a bank branch is mandatory. Residents are provided with an account closure form to fill and sign. Transferring funds to another account, returning chequebooks, and providing any required letters are standard steps. The processing duration typically ranges from three to five working days, with closure confirmation issued in the form of a letter.

It is crucial to manage the closure within the stipulated time frame, especially considering that inactive accounts are automatically closed or frozen after six months in the UAE. Moreover, individuals should ensure that all pending dues are settled before finalizing the closure.