Planning a cross-country road trip during the next vacation? Whether you're a UAE citizen or an expat, it is essential to acquire a tourist vehicle certificate. This certificate is vital to ensure that legal obstacles do not hinder your travel plans. It serves as validation of your vehicle's adherence to safety and regulatory standards, granting you the authorization to travel across state lines. Therefore, before embarking on your journey, ensure that you have all the necessary documentation in place, including an International Driving License (IDL). Read on to learn about the process of applying for an IDL.

A Tourist Vehicle Certificate allows registered vehicles to travel to and from the UAE for tourism or official purposes across the GCC. Below is a comprehensive checklist for individuals planning to apply for this certificate.

UAE citizens, GCC nationals, residents, diplomats, companies, governmental entities, and diplomatic bodies in Dubai are eligible to apply for this service.

Validity: 6 months

Service fees in Dubai
Dh100 for light vehicles
Dh100 for motorcycles
Dh100 for vehicles weighing between 3 and 12 tonnes
Dh200 for vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes
Dh100 for light mechanical equipment
Dh200 for heavy mechanical equipment
Dh100 for buses carrying 14 to 26 passengers
Dh200 for buses carrying more than 26 passengers
Dh20 for Knowledge and Innovation fees

Required documents:
The following documents must be submitted during the application process through Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority. The specific requirements for citizens, GCC country nationals, residents, companies are detailed below.

Residents can apply for a vehicle permit through the RTA website by registering/logging in with their UAE Pass. They need to provide necessary information and settle the required fees by credit card, after which the certificate is delivered through SMS and email. Alternatively, travellers can visit Customer Happiness Centres or Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres to process their applications.

Terms and conditions:
- The customer or their legal representative must be present in person
- If the vehicle is mortgaged, the customer must electronically release the mortgage or provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the mortgagor to apply for the service
- If someone other than the owner is driving the vehicle, they must provide their driving license, and both the driver and owner must be present in person
- Citizens and GCC nationals need to provide an eNOC from the ATCUAE if they intend to drive the vehicle outside the GCC
- Residents must obtain an eNOC from the ATCUAE and a Tourism Certificate from RTA to travel in their vehicles to any of the GCC countries