Gulf Land Property Developers has recently announced a partnership with Tonino Lamborghini Group to create an exclusive residential community in the heart of Dubai. This unique development will bear the distinguished Tonino Lamborghini brand, known worldwide for its Italian quality and elegance. The new residential community is set to bring a fresh perspective to lifestyle living in Dubai, combining Tonino Lamborghini’s 40-year design legacy with Gulf Land Property Developers' renowned expertise. The latter is currently involved in crafting distinctive luxury living projects such as Paradise Hills and Serenity Lakes.

Shaher Mousli, chairman of Gulf Land Property Developers, emphasized their position as a stronghold of luxury real estate in Dubai, revered for their diverse expertise, commitment to innovative design, and the creation of unique lifestyle homes. Tonino Lamborghini, founder and chairman of Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A., expressed delight in the collaboration with Gulf Land Property Developer, highlighting the crucial chemistry and bond with their team as key to the project's success, along with a high level of expertise and professionalism.