In a major step forward for healthcare education and research, Gulf Medical University (GMU), the largest private health professions institute in the region, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Meridian Healthcare. This initiative, led by Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of GMU, and Prof. Ahmed ElSerafi, CEO of Meridian Health Care, seeks to bolster GMU’s educational framework, scientific research, and community outreach by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI). According to the MoU, the Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare at GMU and Meridian Healthcare will spearhead AI-focused research and educational endeavors, fostering opportunities such as collaborative research, the formation of research teams, and mentorship for health professions students. The alliance also includes efforts to educate about AI, provide training in its use, and promote related scientific research in partnership with global AI firms. GMU will support these activities by offering lecture halls and appropriate training spaces across its multiple colleges. This partnership is set to enhance the UAE’s reputation as a frontrunner in healthcare and life sciences innovation. Prof. Hamdy remarked on the partnership, stating, 'We are delighted to collaborate with Meridian Healthcare to refine the capabilities of health professionals and shape the future of healthcare. At GMU, we are dedicated to advancing AI research through the Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare, which also supports the professional growth of our faculty in this dynamic field. This collaboration will educate healthcare professionals on AI applications and create substantial opportunities to improve healthcare through AI, positioning the UAE as a hub for AI-focused health education.' Prof. ElSerafi added, 'The MoU with Gulf Medical University is a pivotal moment for us. By uniting the strengths of the Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare and Meridian Healthcare, we can explore numerous AI applications in research and education, shaping the future of healthcare and the community through innovation.' Last year, the Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare collaborated with MIT xPRO to introduce a virtual course titled 'AI in Healthcare,' aiming to enrich medical education with AI-driven solutions. The institute also initiated comprehensive certificate programs, in line with UAE Ministry of Education standards, and is planning to offer extended programs to prepare graduates with AI skills for the healthcare sector.