343 Industries, the studio responsible for Halo Infinite, has revealed a fresh trailer marking the comeback of the adored Samurai-themed Tenrai event. Operation Tenrai 4: A Warrior Blooms in Peace is set to launch on June 4, bringing in a range of new challenges and cosmetics to the Halo Infinite universe. This year, Halo Infinite transitioned to shorter Operations as opposed to traditional seasons, offering a complimentary 20-tier battle pass in each Operation for access to time-limited cosmetics. Even after an Operation concludes, expired passes remain attainable indefinitely to ensure no one misses out.

Operation Tenrai 4 is set to inject renewed excitement into Halo Infinite, featuring a new battle pass, map, and the potential introduction of a new game mode. The event pays homage to Fracture: Tenrai, Halo Infinite's inaugural free event in 2021 that debuted the popular YOROI armor core and Fiesta game variant. In addition to cosmetic and gameplay updates, themed Operations also enrich the game's lore, with The Waypoint Chronicles offering narrative context to multiplayer updates, providing fans with a deeper insight into the Halo universe. The ongoing event, Operation Banished Honor, introduced Banished Spartans, hinting at future storylines.

Halo Infinite's expanding gameplay options, from Infection to Firefight, have resonated positively with fans, infusing new vitality into the game. The recent incorporation of the Survive the Undead mode, inspired by classic maps, highlights the game's evolving multiplayer experience. With its comprehensive Forge creation tool, Halo Infinite continues to empower the community to fashion inventive experiences. Operation Tenrai 4 is positioned to further showcase the community's creativity, promising enticing enhancements and thrilling gameplay additions.