Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein remains in the spotlight as his legal issues persist. After being convicted of rape and sexual assault by a Los Angeles jury in late 2022, Weinstein's legal team has consistently pledged to appeal the verdict. They have now submitted an appeal that coincides with the recent reversal of Weinstein's 2020 convictions by a New York jury, as reported by Deadline. The recent decision by the Empire State Appeals Court, which overturned Weinstein's previous convictions due to improper testimony, has rekindled the legal fight. According to Deadline, in a 4-3 decision, the court found the trial judge's acceptance of certain testimony to be prejudicial, resulting in the annulment of Weinstein's sentence and the directive for a new trial in New York. Now, attention turns back to the West Coast, where Weinstein's attorneys have filed an appeal with California's Second Appellate District. Deadline reports that they contend Weinstein was deprived of a fair trial because the jury was aware of his prior New York conviction, which was not presented as evidence during the trial. Weinstein's legal representatives argue that this outside information irrevocably compromised the trial. Meanwhile, Weinstein, currently incarcerated at Rikers Island, awaits his retrial in New York, set to begin in September. The Manhattan Assistant District Attorney has suggested the potential for new charges against the former film producer. Amidst these legal developments, Weinstein's spokesperson highlighted the defense's viewpoint, claiming that significant evidence was withheld during the Los Angeles trial. The appeal document, said to be 163 pages long, disputes the verdict of the Los Angeles trial, pointing to misleading information and the exclusion of vital evidence. Weinstein's defense team is resolute in their pursuit of a new trial, asserting that his right to a fair trial was repeatedly infringed upon. However, as per Deadline, the office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta, which represents the prosecution, has not commented on the issue.