As the scorching summer reaches its zenith in the UAE, another corner of the globe experiences the arrival of monsoon rains, where verdant landscapes and azure mountains greet visitors. The Farm at San Benito refers to this season as the Healing Green Season, a time when the rains purify the earth, infusing the environment with life and vigor. This natural purification mirrors the opportunity for individuals to cleanse themselves of daily toxins—mental, emotional, and physical. The Farm at San Benito, a multi-awarded, eco-luxury, medical wellness resort, is situated just 90 minutes from Manila, Philippines, spanning 52 hectares of lush greenery. It excels in providing medically-supervised health programs, focusing on disease prevention and immune support, and has won over 100 international accolades.

Jennifer Sanvictores, The Farm’s Global Head of Sales & Marketing, explains, “During the rainy Healing Green Season, we offer medically-supervised detox and cleansing programs to eliminate negative elements and toxins from your mind and body, while also providing optimal nutrition, psycho-emotional healing, and spiritual enrichment. Our comprehensive Holistic Detox Cleanse program is an ideal choice.” The Farm’s five-day cleansing program encompasses a medically-supervised vegan diet, guided juice fasting, nutritional enrichment, colon and kidney cleansing, and deep cellular healing to rejuvenate from within. It also includes psycho-emotional clearing, daily mindful movement, and functional fitness activities. Detoxifying can enhance the immune system, initiate weight loss, promote radiant skin, restore youthful energy, and improve mental clarity.

The Farm’s Holistic Detox Cleanse program is tailored for busy individuals who cannot dedicate a full week to a more extensive detox. As the recipient of Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World, The Farm at San Benito offers the most comprehensive holistic detoxification retreats, ensuring desired results. All programs adhere to The Farm’s original healing pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain, offering the most complete detox from toxins and draining energies. The 4-night, 5-day stay at The Farm provides an authentic transformative experience, supported by cleansing juices, guided fasts, and nutritional enrichment, leading to deep cellular healing and renewed energy. The Farm’s health professionals design personalized programs combining medical services and holistic treatments based on each guest’s health status, rewarding them with enhanced vigor and healthy lifestyle choices rooted in self-nurturing.

In today’s hectic lifestyles, issues like sugar spikes, poor weight management, and suboptimal physical fitness are common. The Farm helps guests identify their ideal body state and set sustainable fitness goals. A medically supervised program starts at USD 400++ per person per night, excluding accommodation, with room rates starting at USD 220++ for two persons per night in a Palmera Suite.