At least 15 individuals succumbed to suspected heatstroke in the eastern Indian states of Bihar and Odisha on Thursday (May 30), as per authorities. The region is currently in the throes of a debilitating heatwave anticipated to persist until Saturday (June 1).

Although temperatures in northwestern and central India are projected to decrease in the upcoming days, the prevailing heatwave in eastern India is expected to endure for an additional two days, as stated by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). The IMD designates a heatwave when the temperature surpasses normal levels by 4.5ºC to 6.4ºC.

On Thursday, 10 deaths were reported in the government hospital in Odisha's Rourkela region, while authorities informed Reuters of five fatalities in Bihar's Aurangabad city due to 'sunstroke'.

'About seven more individuals perished while en route to the hospital yesterday, but the specific cause of their demise will be elucidated following the autopsies,' stated Aurangabad District Collector Shrikant Shastree to Reuters. In addition, three individuals succumbed to suspected heatstroke in the neighboring state of Jharkhand, as reported by local media outlets.

Delhi, which is anticipated to experience temperatures reaching 43ºC on Friday, documented its first heat-related fatality this week and is grappling with a severe water shortage. While the heatwave is impacting certain regions of the country, heavy rainfall has battered the northeastern states of Manipur and Assam subsequent to Cyclone Remal, resulting in inundation of several areas on Friday. Furthermore, monsoon rains arrived on the coast of the southernmost Kerala state two days ahead of schedule on Thursday.