'My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here' we all know the masterpiece of Robert Burns' poetry telling about mountains and their heart taking beauty. The beautiful nature is a background of conquering tops — real, of mountains; empirical, of life; and inner, spiritual. Our new columnist, Head of Sales and Marketing of 'Rosa Hutor' Resort Olga Filipenkova tells about challenges and overcoming them.

Down the hill, speed, excitement, snow dust is sparkling in the air, sun is brighter here because of its reflection on the snow. People usually don't think of the reasons the alpine skiing becomes the love of one's life exactly after one learns to ski. I know exactly why it happens so because they give a real, almost not illusory ability to fly without wings. Flight is a pleasure of enjoying speed, movement and freedom. A slow takeoff and up by the cableway, then you choose the track — you are the only author of what is happening to you here.
I seek for independence, intellectual and professional growth through all of my life. I studied in two Russian capitals, cultural and administrative, got my MBA in marketing, made my first steps in career, financial management, journalistic, marketing, PR, promoted a bowling company, managed sport events. Professional life resembled of a kaleidoscope with fast change of pieces. When I came to Sunrise Tours, puzzle completed and I understood that tourism is my area, forever. I love to travel, to be moving all of the time, to explore and develop new directions. Every time I enter the duty-free zone I feel the taste of adventure that became a part of my job. A tiny moment of excitement of meeting the sky and I am in a new flight.

Chance and a free will to choose met at one time and place and this chronotope defined the direction where I feel myself in the flow. So no wonder why four years ago I came to Rosa Hutor, accepted the challenge and never felt any regret. Startup and the suggestion to become a part of it became that occasion they say 'it's fate' about. I do alpine skiing for 15 years. My favorite hobby and favorite business met. Now all ups and downs are connected to it. Two years ago I literally fell down on one of the tracks and damaged my knee. I had to recover but I fought my fears and got back on the track. Failures motivate to become stronger and grow, victories over yourself bring joy.
Rosa Hutor Resort is rich by its territory's history. In February 1918 Bolsheviks decided to occupy the capital of Kuban. The Head of Kuban's Rada Nikolai Ryabovol understood that they would have to step back, so he gathered a secret special group of chosen loyal khazakh's. Treasure was put to carts and took secretly out of the city. The place they hid the untold treasures is unknown. But local legends tell that chests were broken by the water fall's stones in 'Mendelikha' park one can reach in our days in the open lift 'Edelweiss' going down the South Hill of Aibga ridge.
It is still a mystery if there was gold in waterfalls but I consider the Premial Project of our resort Rosa Shale to be a real treasure. It's a unique complex of eleven Shale placed cozily on the 1200 meters of height above sea. If someone was dreaming of a house with chimney and vacation in mountains than this place would meet his expectations.

I was charmed by the mystery and amazing beauty of the place and overwhelmed by the task I was supposed to perform: to make the world notice and speak about a Russian resort. Philosophy of our project is being affordable for everyone. Western Caucasus is one of the most beautiful places of the planet and our hotels exist and work for everyone who loves mountains and sea. We man-aged to unite the two elements in summer: one hour by the hotel transfer and mountain landscape changes for the sea view and our guests don't have to choose between the salty eastern breeze and fresh mountain wind.
During four years of my Job Rosa Hutor resort seriously improved in branding and sales and the quantity of guests grow while the resort team makes everything possible to give joy to its guests and support the highest level of service. In 2017 we had al-most two million guests.

I'm a happy person because I was lucky to find and choose the business I really like and make success in.
— Olga Filipenkova