West World Events, famous for organizing social gatherings in the UK and UAE, held a special evening in Dubai to recognize the efforts of diligent laborers and social workers. The event, named 'An Evening to the names of Labourers of our Society,' was a collaborative effort between Danube Properties and Zamelect Properties. It attracted a diverse crowd of social and business elites, as well as a substantial number of laborers.

The event was hosted at a local hotel in Dubai, where Mirza Farooq Baig from Zamelect Properties, representatives from the Danube Group, and Naveed Sattar from Trip Ifeza Tours presented valuable awards to the workers. The evening was made more special by the unexpected arrival of the globally recognized digital content creator, Muhammad Shakoor, popularly known as Chhota Bhai, who received a warm welcome from the audience.

Subsequently, the 'Khiraaj-e-Tehseen' Awards were given to several individuals for their exceptional contributions in various social sectors. The event also featured musical performances, including new releases by emerging artists Zarnab Lashari and Jahanzaib Mughal. At the end of the event, organizer Naima Lashari, along with prominent guests such as former chief minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Khan Raisani, Dr. Khaled Balushi, Dr. V Kabir, and Sarwat Abdul Razzak, emphasized the need for more such events to acknowledge and celebrate the often-overlooked segments of society.