After a long, exhausting day at work, it's immensely irritating to return home to disruptive noises from neighbors or nearby construction sites. Fortunately, you're not alone in managing this issue. You have the option to file a report to prevent such disturbances from recurring. Here's a guide on how to file a noise complaint in various emirates:

Dubai: You can report construction noise in Dubai from 8pm to 6am on weekdays and from 8pm to 7am on weekends. To do this, download the 'Dubai Municipality' app, select 'Services', scroll to 'Building and Construction', and choose 'Report Construction Noise'. Upload a video or picture along with a brief description of the noise, pinpoint your location on the map, and proceed. The complaint should be resolved within one working day. Note that this service isn't available in private compounds or gated communities; you'll need to contact your neighborhood developer for such cases. Additionally, you can report any noise exceeding 55 decibels, such as a barking dog or loud music, by emailing, calling 800900 (municipality) or 901 (Dubai Police).

Abu Dhabi: In Abu Dhabi, file a noise complaint via by clicking 'Support', then 'File a Complaint'. Provide details in the 'Describe Your Case' box, specify the location, attach supporting documents, and choose your preferred response channel. You can also use their toll-free number 800555 or the website's chatbot. Complaints are updated via email or SMS.

Sharjah: Sharjah residents can file complaints at by clicking 'Complaints and Suggestions', selecting 'Complaint', and filling out the form. Attach supporting documents and expect a notification via SMS or email. For follow-up, call 06-5623333.

Ras Al Khaimah: In Ras Al Khaimah, report noise complaints at by clicking 'Lodge eComplaint', providing personal details, selecting 'Municipality', attaching documents, and submitting the complaint. Track the status via 'Track eComplaint' or call 07-2466666 for assistance.

Ajman: Ajman residents can register noise complaints at by going to 'Suggestions and Complaints', choosing 'Complaint', filling in personal details, and attaching documents. Send the complaint and also consider calling the toll-free number 80070 or sending a fax to 06-7441616.