Mounes Al Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Target Plus, and Mohamed Ramadan, CEO of the Italian company Impero Milano, executed a joint cooperation memorandum, leading to the formation of a new economic entity in Dubai called Impero Investment Dubai. This entity focuses on diverse investment sectors across the globe. The signing occurred during an event hosted by Impero Events and Havers Dubai, attended by Jacqueline Micol, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville, His Excellency Kelsie Finocchiara, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE, His Excellency Babacar Ndiaye, Ambassador of Senegal to the UAE, Diabaye Fakaba, Ambassador of Ivory Coast to the UAE, and Khalid Ben Sheikh, Consul of Morocco in Dubai, along with numerous key figures in economics and investment. Mounes Al Khatib expressed his gratitude for the collaboration with Impero Milano, which has resulted in the creation of Impero Investment Dubai, promising numerous projects and investments that will enhance the economic ties between the UAE and Italy. He emphasized that this initiative is rooted in the UAE, particularly Dubai, known for its supportive environment for pioneering economic ventures and investments. Mohamed Ramadan highlighted the strategic cooperation map between Target Plus and Impero Italia to achieve financial and business leadership, appreciating the professional approach that led to the establishment of Impero Investment Dubai, built on mutual trust. Ahmed Bahjat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Impero Events, noted that the event attracted significant economic entities and that the upcoming period will see more major economic events and activities across the Emirates and worldwide.