Navigating through severe depression is no small feat, yet Bollywood star Imran Khan has successfully emerged from it and is now open to discussing his experiences. Khan, known for his roles in films like 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na,' shared his struggles post-divorce in an interview with Humans of Bombay. He revealed, "Following my separation from Vantika Malik in 2019, I was at my lowest—both emotionally and physically. I felt like nothing more than an empty shell of a person. Simple tasks like brushing my teeth or taking a shower seemed insurmountable. Often, I couldn't even muster the strength to get out of bed; I would remain in my pajamas, disable the doorbell, lock the door, and simply exist." Despite his struggles, Khan had to be there for his daughter during his custody days. He explained, "From Thursdays to Sundays, my daughter stays with me. On those days, no matter how weak I feel, I have to step up." Khan has since moved forward; in March, he confirmed his relationship with Lekha Washington in an interview with Vogue, stating, "The rumors of my relationship with Lekha Washington are true. I am divorced and have been separated since February 2019."