About 100 students of different nationalities from five schools in Dubai participated in the inaugural Junior DIAMUN, a simulated United Nations (UN) conference focused on diplomacy and international relations. The event, themed ‘Innovating Towards a Sustainable Future’, was hosted by Dubai International Academy (DIA) Emirates Hills. During the conference, the young delegates engaged in debates, proposed solutions for global issues, and developed their skills in writing, public speaking, research, critical thinking, and self-management.

Students from five schools operated by Innoventures Education took part in the event. They were divided into committees to discuss topics such as gender disparity, disaster preparedness, global warming and climate change, water shortages, poverty, and hunger.

Noel Stephen, a student of DIA Emirates Hills, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to debate and identify solutions for global issues. Maryam Rashed Alshamsi from Raffles International School shared her confidence after presenting her position paper, focusing on encouraging the adoption of a circular economy in the fashion industry. Ihita Gosavi, a Grade 5 student at Collegiate International School, highlighted the importance of extensive research and described the experience as amazing.

Poonam Bhojani, CEO of Innoventures Education, commended the students for organizing the inaugural Junior DIAMUN conference and praised their enthusiasm for global issues. She emphasized the valuable skills developed by the students, including critical thinking, public speaking, and teamwork, while fostering global citizenship.