India is set to face South Africa in the T20 World Cup final on Saturday, aiming to break their streak of runner-up finishes and secure their first world title since consecutive final losses. The team, led by coach Rahul Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma, faced disappointment last year with defeats in both the World Test Championship final and the 50-over World Cup, both against Australia.

India, known for popularizing the shortest form of cricket through the successful Indian Premier League, is now on the verge of winning their second T20 World Cup title, the first being in the inaugural 2007 edition. Dravid, who plans to step down as coach after this tournament, views the team's consistent performance in reaching finals as a positive indicator of their strength across formats.

"I believe our consistency and good cricket are commendable. Being number one in all three formats and reaching finals in the past year is a testament to our players' abilities across different formats," Dravid stated. He emphasized that if the team plays well and gets a bit of luck, they will secure the win.

The 50-over World Cup defeat in Ahmedabad was particularly disheartening, with the home crowd expecting a victory. However, Dravid maintains that there is no need to change their approach for the upcoming final at Kensington Oval.

"We were well-prepared for the final in Ahmedabad, and we did everything right. On that day, the other team played better, which is part of the sport," he explained. He added that both teams have an equal chance to win, but India hopes to perform better on the day.

The pitch in Barbados is expected to be more favorable for batting, which should lead to an entertaining match between two top teams. Dravid anticipates a great game of cricket between South Africa and India, both of whom have played exceptionally well in this tournament.

South Africa, seeking their first World Cup title since their return to international cricket in 1991, has only won a Champions Trophy in 1998. Dravid does not believe that their long wait will add extra pressure, as he thinks players focus on the present rather than past failures.

"Every day is a new opportunity. Players are adept at moving on and recognizing new challenges. Just as we move on from past defeats, I'm sure they will not be burdened by history and will approach the game with a fresh mindset," he concluded.