Raisur Rahman, the winner of the Dh10 million grand prize in the Big Ticket live draw series 264 in Abu Dhabi, revealed that he began participating in lotteries at the urging of a friend, starting from last year. The Indian expatriate, who relocated to Dubai in 2005, also expressed that this sudden fortune was a 'blessing from the Almighty for his virtuous actions'. Speaking to Khaleej Times, Rahman, the CEO of SI Global in Dubai, shared: “I experienced numerous instances where tasks were accomplished effortlessly, even during the most demanding periods. My friend encouraged me to try my luck with lotteries, leading to my participation in the Big Ticket. However, I did not consistently purchase tickets, as I preferred to donate that money to those in need.” On June 15, he acquired the winning ticket number 078319 from the Big Ticket store at Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi. “I was accompanying someone. We were at Terminal A. I noticed a Big Ticket counter. A Filipino staff member convinced me to buy tickets, assuring me that my luck would improve. And now, I have indeed won,” stated Rahman, who does not need to share the prize with anyone. The 59-year-old attributes his win to his ongoing assistance to the poor and needy. “I treat everyone with equality and have consistently performed actions that have pleased the Almighty. This is a reward for my contributions to society.” Notably, Rahman remained remarkably composed when the show hosts Richard and Bouchra informed him of his grand prize win. When asked about his ability to stay calm, he explained: “I am a direct descendant of the Tipu Sultan family of Mysore. I was born in Calcutta but grew up in Delhi. I have encountered numerous experiences in my life. I lead a fulfilling life. One should not chase after money. It has not altered my perspective.” Rahman plans to allow his wife and two children to decide how to use the winning amount. “I will entrust this money to my wife and children to decide,” he said, indicating that he intends to continue buying tickets.