Following the celebration of International Day of Yoga (IDY) on June 22, the Indian mission in Dubai is considering offering regular evening yoga sessions at the Consulate. Although the proposal is still in its initial stages and under discussion, it has not been dismissed. Consul General of India in Dubai, Satish Kumar Sivan, mentioned, “We have been contemplating regular yoga sessions that could be held at the Consulate. Most likely, after the event, we will explore organizing yoga classes here.” He made these remarks during a pre-event for IDY at the Consulate on Wednesday. Registration is now open for the 10th IDY, which the Indian Consulate is organizing. The Indian mission in Dubai is expecting around 4,000 participants for a revitalizing session at the World Trade Centre on June 22 from 5pm to 7pm. Interested individuals can register by scanning a QR code or visiting the website. Emphasizing the importance of Yoga as a gift from India to the world, the envoy invited community members to focus on holistic health. This year, the Consulate will also celebrate IDY with about 1000 residents from various nationalities in the northern Emirates. “Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah are also hosting specific events. I am aware that Indian missions and Consulates worldwide will be celebrating IDY, but Dubai will likely lead globally in terms of participation,” he added. In response to a query from Khaleej Times, Consul General Satish Sivan stated, “I hope the entire Dubai community can join, but the venue can accommodate 4,000 people, so we expect that number. Our website is now open for registrations.” “Although International Day of Yoga is officially on June 21, we are sensitive to people's availability and hence organizing it a day later. We hope members of the Indian community, friends of India, other nationalities, and members of the diplomatic corps can join us for this Yoga Day,” he further explained. The Consul General encouraged early registration, explaining, “Anyone wishing to participate must register. I strongly encourage this as it also collects details like T-shirt size. We will distribute T-shirts at the venue.” He noted that registration would streamline entry and prevent other issues. “This ensures participants receive appropriately sized T-shirts. Registration also aids in securing entry and reserved spaces. We also provide yoga mats.” The Consulate General of India highlighted that this year’s theme is ‘International Yoga Day for Women Empowerment,’ focusing on women's well-being. Sivan disclosed that special activities and surprises related to this theme would be unveiled at the venue, emphasizing the importance of women's health and well-being for family health.