In times of stress, I transform into a food enthusiast. Nothing can deter me from indulging in food when I'm anxious about something. Over the years, I've come to understand that this type of eating doesn't allow for true savoring. Savoring is reserved for moments when the mind is at ease, enabling appreciation of flavors, textures, and presentations. It was during one such relaxed evening that I found myself at the newly opened tapas bar and shisha lounge at Citimax Hotel Business Bay.

From the start, Indi 16 appeared to be the ideal spot to unwind with a friend after a long day. I accompanied a friend and immediately appreciated the calming atmosphere, characterized by moderately dim lighting and soft background music that grew more intense later. The menu was concise, which suited me well, as I often struggle to choose from an extensive selection. I started with tangy chicken tacos and xacuti chicken chops. The menu clearly distinguished between small and large plates, a feature I found beneficial, given my aversion to food waste.

The tacos and chops, though from different culinary traditions, both showcased unique flavors at Indi 16, which might appeal to guests who prefer milder spices. Following this, the chicken espetada served was fairly standard. For the main course, we opted for Indi 16's rendition of classic butter chicken and mini naan. Growing up in the Indian capital, it's hard to resist ordering this staple dish, and I'm always curious to see how restaurants interpret it. Indi 16 excelled in this regard.

The evening also prompted me to order dessert early out of curiosity about the restaurant's take on some beloved sweets. I chose Rabri fondue and Indi 16-styled shrikhand, with the latter, adorned with saffron, being the standout. The former is more suited to summer enjoyment. In summary, Indi 16 offers a remarkable dining experience with an ambiance that is likely to make your evening unforgettable. Far from the daily hustle and bustle, it's a place for good cheer and excellent food.