ATEIS Middle East FZCO commenced its operations in the UAE in 2006 to meet the demand for innovating voice evacuation and public address systems. This involved integrating both systems, as opposed to using separate ones which was the standard practice at the time. ATEIS also introduced the pro-audio public address system with speakers that allowed high-end users like malls, buildings, and the Dubai Metro to play hi-fi music and issue mass evacuation commands when necessary. These systems are currently in use in Burj Al Arab, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Festival City, and various other large-scale projects across the Middle East, Africa, and India.

According to Hussam Al Haddad, CEO of ATEIS Middle East FZCO and Co-Founder of VELOX Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, their innovative approach focused on intelligibility and high audio clarity, achieved through extensive acoustic testing prior to each installation. ATEIS pioneered these systems in the region, and they have now become standard in the entire Middle East.

In 2011, ATEIS integrated voice evacuation and public address systems with fire alarm systems to enhance overall life safety. This led to the establishment of the first factory for fire detection and alarm systems under the brand name VELOX. The VELOX brand has its origins in Dubai and currently exports to over 35 countries worldwide, with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and a newly opened factory in Canada catering to North America.

Haddad also highlighted several patents in sounder flasher technology, including one with significantly lower power consumption compared to the competition. ATEIS was the first to introduce the Bakhoor feature in their fire alarm system panels installed in villas, which is now EN54 Certified and a mandatory safety feature in UAE homes.

When the UAE government mandated the installation of fire alarm systems in all villa homes by January 2024, VELOX and Dubai Civil Defense collaborated to safeguard families and properties from the destructive impact of fires. They unveiled a state-of-the-art wireless fire alarm system that can be installed in just 30 minutes without the need for drilling, offering a 10-year battery life for complete peace of mind.

The touch screen panel of the VELOX system includes the Bakhoor feature, which allows users to adjust detector sensitivity to account for Shisha or Bakhoor smoke according to regulations. This concept, along with other VELOX innovations, prioritizes ease of use and straightforward operation.

Abanob Samouel, Regional Marketing Manager of VELOX, emphasized that their products are innovative, easy to install, and add value to properties. ATEIS and VELOX maintain informative and well-designed websites, ensuring that customers gain insight into the companies’ products and services through effective sales and marketing strategies.

Samouel also detailed the range of product systems approved by the Civil Defence for villas, offering different installation options based on construction status. Whether for homes under construction or already built, VELOX engineers assess the site to recommend the most suitable system. They provide both wired solutions for homes under construction and the latest wireless systems for pre-existing structures.

Another notable feature of VELOX systems is the use of advanced technology such as thermal optical detection and the 'Auto-Locate' button that shuts down non-essential detectors during a fire incident, ensuring TRA-approved frequency that does not interfere with other wireless devices at home. The option for carbon monoxide emission detection is also available in certain systems.

VELOX offers system diagnosis, updates, and backward firmware updates for older systems. The Open Protocol concept pioneered by VELOX since 2011 allows seamless integration of various devices, even non-VELOX systems.

Haddad expressed the company’s commitment to continued innovation and support for Civil Defence initiatives. The mandatory installation of fire alarm systems in villas represents a significant step in protecting lives and property, aligning with the Civil Defence's ongoing efforts in this regard.

VELOX and Dubai Civil Defense have combined efforts to introduce their advanced wireless fire alarm system, ensuring quick, hassle-free installation with a 10-year battery life. For further details, contact VELOX at 800 83569 to avail of this protection.