Upon assuming his role as Iranian ambassador in June 2023, Reza Ameri, who took over a position left vacant for approximately seven years, emphasized the importance of bolstering tourism ties between the UAE and Iran. Ambassador Ameri aimed to strengthen both personal and economic connections between the nations. In a conversation with Khaleej Times, he stated, "The strong political will among the leaders of both countries has enhanced relations in all areas, including tourism and cultural exchanges." He further noted, "We are eager to promote tourism and exchange official and business delegations between the UAE and Iran, and we are planning to increase mutual understanding by educating Iranians about Emirati laws and customs, and vice versa." Recently, the countries convened a joint consular committee to tackle ongoing issues related to visas, residency permits, and banking, with Ameri confident that these can be resolved through ongoing dialogue. He also highlighted the cultural similarities between Iran and the UAE, stating, "The Iranian-Emirati relationship is grounded in ancient history, and Iran is committed to being a friendly and helpful neighbor." The Iranian Embassy reports around 500,000 Iranians living in the UAE and over 5,000 Iranian companies registered there. Ameri sees the Iranian expat community as a crucial link between the neighboring states. Looking forward, he discussed potential collaborations in advanced industries like nanotechnology, AI, and pharmaceuticals, aiming to increase the number of Iranians in the UAE to enhance trade and economic activities. Plans include holding joint consular and economic committees and signing new agreements in these advanced fields. Ameri also expressed Iran's openness to Emirati investment, assuring potential investors of Iran's readiness to facilitate successful commercial and economic operations. He suggested the creation of a strategic corridor from southern to northern Iran, which could serve as a route for Emirati goods to reach GCC countries, Turkey, and Europe. Ameri, born in 1961 in Tehran, has over 40 years of experience in Iran's Foreign Ministry and has served as ambassador in several countries before his current role in the UAE.