Israel is set to rebuke the ambassadors of Ireland, Norway and Spain for their governments' intention to acknowledge a Palestinian state next week, according to an Israeli official.

The envoys have been called to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, where they will be presented with an unseen video of Hamas' capture of female hostages during the October 7 assault on Israel that sparked the Gaza war, the official explained. Additionally, Israel has summoned its own ambassadors in Dublin, Oslo and Madrid for consultations.

The conflict has fueled unrest in the occupied West Bank and solidified Israeli resistance to relinquishing territories sought by the Palestinians for statehood.

Diplomatic efforts sponsored by the U.S. for a negotiated two-state agreement halted a decade ago.

The announcement on Wednesday by the three European nations that they would recognize a Palestinian state on May 28 was accompanied by a declaration of their desire to facilitate a Gaza ceasefire and reinvigorate peace negotiations. However, some other Western powers argue that recognition of a Palestinian state should come after negotiations.