A senior official at Al Awda hospital in northern Gaza reported that the hospital had been besieged by the Israeli military for five consecutive days, with soldiers entering the premises and nearby buildings. Dr. Mohammad Saleh, the hospital's acting director, described the presence of soldiers, continuous gunfire, and shelling targeting the hospital. He noted that the hospital was stormed, leading to the evacuation of most staff and leaving behind a limited number of patients and accompanying individuals.

According to the World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, 140 individuals were inside the hospital during the siege. The WHO had previously delivered medical supplies and fuel to Al Awda but expressed concerns about the targeted attacks on the hospital.

Similar incidents were reported at another hospital in northern Gaza, Kamal Adwan, further exacerbating the healthcare crisis in the region. The Israeli military has been accused of targeting medical facilities in Gaza, leading to severe destruction and casualties. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated, resulting in a devastating toll on civilians in the area.