A senior Israeli security official indicated on Wednesday that the conflict with Hamas in Gaza might continue until the end of the year in order to achieve the objective of dismantling the militant group. National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi stated, 'We might need another seven months of combat to solidify our achievements and accomplish our goal of eradicating Hamas' military strength and capabilities.' Hanegbi emphasized that 'victory for us entails neutralizing Hamas' military capabilities, securing the release of all hostages, and ensuring there are no longer any threats emanating from Gaza at the conclusion of the conflict.' He stressed the importance of preventing the presence of Iranian-financed armed forces along the border during an interview with public broadcaster Kan from Cyprus.

The Israeli official also revealed ongoing discussions regarding the future of Gaza post-conflict. He mentioned, 'We are working on outlining the post-war scenario so that the Palestinians can take charge of their own affairs. We will oversee Israel's security, but we have no intention of governing Gaza.'

After approximately eight months of the devastating Gaza conflict, Israel is facing escalating pressure from the international community to cease hostilities, as well as legal proceedings initiated in two international courts based in the Netherlands. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remained resolute in his commitment to 'eradicate' Hamas in response to the group's unprecedented attack on October 7th, which resulted in the deaths of 1,189 individuals, predominantly civilians, as reported by AFP based on official Israeli figures. Additionally, militants have taken 252 hostages, with 121 still held in Gaza, including 37 individuals believed to have been killed by the military.

Israel's intense bombardment has resulted in the deaths of at least 36,171 individuals in Gaza, the majority of whom were civilians, according to the territory's health ministry.