The music industry in 2024 is thriving with creativity and innovation, as advances in music production technology transform the way music is created and experienced, according to insiders. Jack Sleiman, a renowned DJ, producer, and radio host, is celebrated for his diverse talents and global influences in his music, which he has gathered from extensive travels for shows and events. His ability to merge various cultural sounds and genres has led to the immense popularity of his remixes and tracks, including his reworks of Babylone’s “Zina” and Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” as well as singles featuring Sean Kingston, Skales, and Ice Prince, which have charted in the Top 10 in 18 different countries. Jack has also made significant international impact, performing and collaborating with top industry names like Drake, Ke$ha, The Weeknd, Tiësto, Avicii, and 50 Cent. As he looks forward to 2024, Jack is set to release several new tracks aimed at deeply touching hearts and souls, further solidifying his influence on the global music scene.

In an interview, Jack discussed his new remix, explaining how his Amapiano version of “Li Beirut” sparked a deeper interest in Arabic music, leading him to incorporate more classic and contemporary Arabic songs into his sets. The positive response to his remix of ABU’s “3 Daqat” was overwhelming, prompting him to refine and perfect the remix over several weeks. He described the song as a mesmerizing blend of rhythm and emotion, which he enhanced with his own touch, adding a new tempo to the love theme of the original song.

Discussing the music industry in 2024, Jack noted its constant evolution, particularly highlighted by the fusion of traditional Middle Eastern sounds with contemporary electronic music. This blend, which includes ancient instruments like the oud and qanun with modern beats and digital effects, is creating a unique soundscape that appeals to both local and global audiences. The industry is also witnessing a trend of genre blending, live instrument incorporation, and advanced software use, leading to more diverse and vibrant music scenes. The accessibility of music production technology and the global reach facilitated by online platforms and streaming services are also key factors shaping the industry, allowing Middle Eastern artists to influence and be influenced by a global audience.

Looking ahead, Jack plans to continue his musical journey, representing his region and exploring new sounds. Following the success of his remix of Abu’s “3 Daqat,” he is set to release his remix of Ragheb Alama’s “Nasini El Donya” on June 14, followed by two more summer-themed songs. He aims to collaborate with more international artists to blend different musical styles and cultures, continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of music.