Jean Paul is preparing to celebrate fifty years of his journey in Dubai, smiling as he plans a gala celebration. He first arrived in the UAE in 1975 in response to a French newspaper advertisement seeking a hairdresser for the Intercontinental Hotel in Deira, Dubai’s first five-star hotel. Despite having been content working in France, he was drawn by curiosity and the desire to explore a new place. Little did he know that this move would not only expand his horizons but also lay the foundation for one of the most esteemed salons in Dubai.

Jean Paul's family history inspired his interest in travel. His grandfather's adventurous tales of venturing to the United States in 1886 at a young age instilled in Jean Paul the courage and passion to leave his small village in Lebanon. Fueled by this legacy, he moved to Paris at 16 to pursue his dreams, studying at Ecole De Coiffure Saint Louis. His distinction and dynamism led him to work at one of the most famous salons in Paris at the time, ‘Roger Bouquin’ on Rue La Fayette. Experience and expertise distinguished him when he later moved to Dubai.

Reflecting on his experience, Jean Paul expressed, “Dubai provided me with the perfect environment to succeed. The city’s rapid growth and pleasant atmosphere allowed me to work as much as I wanted. Dubai is a land of opportunity, with a rich diversity of cultures and people from all over the world.”

Genevieve, Jean Paul's eldest daughter, joined the family business eight years ago and currently works as the manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring the salon maintains its high standards. Her entrepreneurial aspirations were shaped by her father, leading her to join the family business despite initially studying nursing and working at the Children's Cancer Centre in Lebanon. She mentioned, “My father's dedication and vision for the business inspires me to continue. His unwavering commitment and ability to overcome numerous challenges demonstrated the importance of perseverance, hard work, and passion, which resonate with me, leading me to follow his entrepreneurial footsteps.”

Jana, Genevieve’s sister, studied Makeup at the Institut de Maquillage in Paris and joined the team as a Professional Makeup Artist, contributing her expertise and creativity to the salon’s offerings. The family business, supported by several key members and dedicated team members, continues to uphold the values of artisanal quality, expertise, and timeless styles.

Jean Paul Salon, founded by Jean Paul, is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2025, upholding its values of artisanal quality, Haute Coiffure, expertise, vitality, and timeless styles at the Hyatt Regency Creek Hotel.