Actor and singer Jennifer Lopez stars as Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst who relies on AI to protect the Earth from a malevolent robot in the science fiction action film Atlas. According to Variety, Lopez believes the movie effectively portrays the potential perils and benefits of AI.

During the film's premiere in Los Angeles, Lopez emphasized the film's exploration of the dire consequences and positive outcomes that AI could bring. Sharing her personal encounter with the dark side of AI, Lopez recounted how manipulated images of her face were used in skincare ads without her knowledge, prompting her to express concerns about the frightening aspects of AI.

Additionally, Lopez advocated for a respectful approach towards AI, urging openness to all possibilities. She commended movies like Atlas for effectively presenting both the positive and negative aspects of AI.

Sterling K. Brown, who plays a military officer in the film, expressed admiration for Lopez's work ethic and her ability to manage her commitments. He praised her dedication, highlighting the energy she brought to their collaborative work.

Atlas is now streaming on Netflix, as mentioned in Variety's report.