Jio Haptik, a leading company in Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) solutions, is expanding its operations into the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Businesses in various sectors in these regions are utilizing Jio Haptik’s advanced technology to foster business transformation and innovation. This expansion marks a significant move towards a more intelligent, automated, and future-oriented business environment in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The growing demand for AI-driven solutions, spurred by economic diversification, government initiatives, a tech-savvy population, and the need for enhanced business efficiency and innovation, makes Jio Haptik’s entry into the Middle Eastern market both timely and strategic. Based in Mumbai, the AI-first company has started deploying its sophisticated generative AI products and services across industries such as retail, e-commerce, automotive, healthcare, and financial services, among others. Jio Haptik collaborates with major groups like Al Futtaim, Lals Group, Careem, al Mandoos, and Prime Healthcare, offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance shopping experiences, improve customer support, and significantly boost efficiency and productivity.

“Our vision at Jio Haptik extends beyond just introducing advanced AI solutions,” stated Aakrit Vaish, CEO and Co-founder of Jio Haptik. “We see an opportunity to support government entities in the Middle East in promoting Gen AI adoption across various sectors, aligning with initiatives like Saudi Vision 2030 and the UAE National Strategy for AI 2031. This will foster a conducive environment for innovation and the development of impactful solutions that reshape industries.” Jio Haptik’s primary focus is on assisting organizations in delivering highly personalized and intelligent customer experiences through the integration of Gen AI on WhatsApp. In line with its mission to empower organizations in the rapidly changing technology landscape, Jio Haptik provides expert Gen AI consultancy services to help enterprises identify and implement the best AI solutions for improved business outcomes and seamless integration with existing systems.