American singer-songwriter and guitarist Jon Bon Jovi recently discussed how young and talented musicians like Ed Sheeran seek his advice, as reported by People. In a recent interview, he explained how "younger guys" in the music industry, including Ed Sheeran, who he collaborated with on "Living In Paradise," look up to him for guidance due to his extensive experience.

"He's one of the greats," Bon Jovi said about Ed Sheeran. "Ed is a sweetheart. I've met him several times over the years. We've spent time together, and he, along with his wife and children, have even visited my home for weekends," he added. The singer of "Always" disclosed how he has been able to provide Sheeran with some valuable insights.

"When you reach a certain age with a certain level of experience, the younger guys come to you, and you become like the Ghost of Christmas Future," Bon Jovi explained. "They start asking many questions about how and where, seeking guidance." The actor-singer then discussed writing "Living in Paradise" with the pop artist, who is still navigating various life experiences.

"When we were writing it, he was trying to understand my situation, and because, as I mentioned, he and Cherry are so sweet, they're just learning the ropes," Jon started. "He's going to write the 'I Got the Girl' song before he reaches the 'Kiss the Bride' song because his kids are still babies, you know?" He continued, "In fact, when I played him 'Kiss the Bride,' he said, 'Touche.' That's exactly what he said. He hadn't thought of that yet because his children are still young. He's not there yet." Bon Jovi released their latest album, "Forever," on June 7, as reported by People.