Kamal Haasan's 1996 film Indian is set to have a sequel, Indian 2, eagerly anticipated by fans. Director S Shankar discussed the decision to split the film into two parts at the trailer launch event. He noted that while the first part focuses on a single state, the second part expands across the country. Shankar elaborated, "Initially, we planned for just one part. However, during editing, I realized that compressing the entire story into one film would compromise the essence and impact of each scene. It became clear that the story naturally divides into two parts, each with its own narrative arc and climactic moments." Haasan supported the decision, stating it was purely the director's creative choice to expand the story into two films, capitalizing on the opportunity presented by the enthusiastic response to the first.

Lyca Productions released a trailer on X (formerly Twitter), thrilling fans with the caption, "SENAPATHY returns in style! The highly anticipated #Hindustani2 Trailer is now out, featuring stunning action and visuals that will captivate you." Indian 2, a follow-up to the 1996 hit, stars Hassan reprising his role as Veerasekaran Senapathy and is scheduled for a global release on July 12, 2024, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.