Pop sensation Katy Perry has revealed that her latest single, 'Woman's World', is set to be released on July 11 at 7 pm ET, which translates to July 12, 3 am in the UAE. The accompanying official music video is scheduled to debut the following day, as per Perry's announcement on her official Instagram account. This news follows Perry's recent exclusive listening events for her sixth album, marking a new phase in her musical career. The single's cover art, captured by Jack Bridgland, features Perry wearing eye-catching metallic, armor-like pants and a bikini top. In anticipation, Perry has shared a preview of 'Woman's World' on Instagram, where she sings along to the uplifting lyrics in a selfie-style video. Information regarding the album's title and release date is still being kept confidential. Her previous album, 'Smile', was released in August 2020 and included hits such as 'Daisies' and the album's title track.