Keir Starmer is set to become Britain's next prime minister following a significant victory for his centre-left Labour Party in the parliamentary elections, ousting Rishi Sunak's Conservatives and concluding their 14-year reign. During a celebratory gathering in central London, the 61-year-old Starmer addressed enthusiastic party members, declaring "change starts now" and vowing a "decade of national rejuvenation" with a focus on "country before party". "Tonight, people across the nation have voiced their readiness for change, moving away from the politics of spectacle and back to public service," Starmer stated in London, further emphasizing: "You have cast your votes. Now it is our turn to act."

Global leaders have纷纷向Starmer表示祝贺,并通过媒体和社交媒体表达了对他的支持。阿联酋总统Sheikh Mohamed在X上向新任英国首相表示祝贺,并期待加强两国之间的长期伙伴关系。迪拜副总统、总理兼统治者Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum和阿布扎比副总统、副总理兼总统法院主席Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan也向Starmer发出了类似的祝贺信息。其他世界领导人也向Starmer表达了他们的祝福,其中包括德国总理Olaf Scholz、意大利总理Giorgia Meloni、北约秘书长Jens Stoltenberg、印度总理Narendra Modi、爱尔兰总理Simon Harris、乌克兰总统Volodymyr Zelenskiy、法国总统Emmanuel Macron、挪威总理Jonas Gahr Stoere、欧洲委员会主席Ursula Von Der Leyen、澳大利亚总理Anthony Albanese、加拿大总理Justin Trudeau和新西兰总理Christopher Luxon。