Austrian player Kevin Danso expressed his sympathy on Tuesday towards French forward Kylian Mbappe, who suffered a broken nose after colliding with Danso's shoulder during their Euro 2024 encounter. Danso conveyed on X, "I hope for a swift recovery and that he can soon return to the field," regarding the incident that occurred during France's 1-0 win against Austria. He further addressed the French fans, stating, "I apologize that Kylian Mbappe was hurt in our clash," noting that his back was turned when Mbappe's face hit his shoulder. Despite the injury, the 25-year-old French star appeared resilient, even soliciting ideas for a protective mask on social media that could allow him to play in the upcoming match against the Netherlands on Friday. This request led to a surge of memes online. Mbappe exited the field temporarily for treatment to his bleeding nose but later resumed play, which was met with jeers from Austrian fans and resulted in a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behavior. The French football federation confirmed that Mbappe returned to the team camp post-hospital treatment, with no immediate surgery required and a mask being prepared. In the meantime, Netherlands midfielder Tijjani Reijnders expressed confidence on Tuesday that Mbappe would recover in time for the crucial Friday match, stating, "I believe he will be ready." Reijnders, an AC Milan midfielder, added, "We expect to see him wearing a mask. Mbappe is an exceptional player, and dealing with injuries is part of the game." Mbappe was instrumental in France's victory, setting up the sole goal of the match with a pass that deflected off Austrian defender Maximillian Woeber's head and into the net.