The days have flown by rapidly, and in just a few moments, we'll reach the midpoint of 2024. The initial six months have been particularly hectic for the UAE, with authorities introducing fresh policies and implementing decisions that could significantly alter life and household finances across the Emirates.

As the second half of the year commences, several new fees and regulations are set to be enforced. Certain insurance premiums are slated to rise, and residents in six Dubai neighborhoods might face increased parking charges. Influencers must also be vigilant about their collaborations to avoid breaching a new regulation.

Here are six significant changes and policies that will come into effect in the UAE starting July, in case you missed them:

1. Dubai Mall paid parking: If you enjoy shopping at Dubai Mall, be mindful of the time spent exploring the UAE's largest mall! Beginning July 1, paid parking will be introduced in some areas. Parking will be complimentary for the first 4 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends. Post the free period, visitors will be billed hourly, with fees deducted from the Salik account upon exiting, potentially reaching up to Dh1,000.

2. Paid parking in 6 Dubai neighborhoods: Frustrated by the hunt for parking? As Dubai expands, ensuring adequate facilities for transportation is crucial. Six prominent neighborhoods will extend their paid parking zones, with premium spots seeing a fee hike. With over 7,000 spots, the parking facilities will operate from 8am to 10pm, with the new system expected to be in place by the end of July.

3. Emiratisation compliance checks: Employed in a private sector company? You might be aware of the Emiratisation target requiring companies with 50+ employees to hire 1% more UAE Nationals within the last six months. The deadline to meet this target is June 30. From July 1, companies will undergo checks, facing fines of Dh8,000 per unhired Emirati, increasing by Dh1,000 annually until 2026.

4. Health insurance coverage expansion: Desire access to premium healthcare facilities but stuck with a basic insurance plan? Daman insurance holders can now access top hospitals in Abu Dhabi while maintaining their basic plan, albeit with increased premiums and co-payments. Basic plan holders will also face additional fees for in-patient services and one-day procedures, set at Dh200 each.

5. Mandatory licence for influencers: Have you noticed social media influencers promoting products recently? Starting July 1, unlicensed advertising by influencers will result in fines up to Dh10,000 and potential business closure. Influencers can secure a licence through the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development's Tamm platform, with fees of Dh1,250 for individuals and Dh5,000 for companies. This licence is not required if influencers share daily routines without paid endorsements.

6. Ajman building classification: If you reside in a building in Ajman and wish to check service quality, the new classification system starting June 1 can assist. Residents can access information on their building's compliance with standards and regulations. Over three months, buildings will be classified based on international criteria, with field visits leading to results displayed transparently in an electronic system.