In West Africa, a community culinary school and a sustainable farm are set to be established by Kidzink, a Dubai-based firm specializing in education, architecture, and manufacturing. Kidzink is partnering with Waste to Wonder Worldwide, a UK-based social enterprise and charity, to design and construct a sustainable community school in The Gambia. The culinary school will teach young attendees both front-of-house skills like customer interaction and back-of-house skills such as food preparation and dishwashing. Additionally, they will learn about sustainable cooking, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism, positioning them for a future focused on environmental awareness. The school will hire local community members and support local businesses. Charlotte Borghesi, Founder & Managing Director of Kidzink, expressed that this partnership aligns with their commitment to social impact and sustainability, envisioning a school that will benefit The Gambia's youth and community for generations.

The project also involves collaboration with Chef Conor Spacey, a sustainable culinary advocate and author, who will provide insights for the school's design and teach sustainable cooking and agriculture. Known as the 'Zero-waste' Chef, Spacey will offer video lessons on sustainable cooking techniques, making education accessible. Waste to Wonder Worldwide, known for ethical clearances of redundant furniture globally, will redistribute functional furniture to enhance educational facilities in underserved communities like The Gambia, reducing waste and emissions. Michael Amos, Managing Director of Waste to Wonder Worldwide, highlighted their shared commitment with Kidzink to empower communities through sustainable initiatives, aiming to provide practical education and create a lasting environmental and social impact.