Kings Rental Cars’ garage boasts of fantastic sports cars worth more than $10 million. Having opened its doors to investors in early 2022, the company offers as much profit from sports car subleasing in Dubai as real estate leasing can bring – up to 40 % of annual return. The holding’s main business is hiring-out high-end vehicles – one of the most competitive niches in the UAE market. Even so, young Russian entrepreneur Malik Omarov, a former kickboxing world champion, has managed to work out and implement a new business model. Kings’ services of excellence include consulting, car & yacht rental, detailing, and real estate. Fabulous sports cars are in great demand in the Emirates, the yearlong influx of boy racers and speed demons in love with a life of luxury guaranteeing its stability.

Keep abreast of the times and join a ready-made business, complete with a safe niche in the aftermarket and a well-tuned ecosystem.

467P+G93 Al Quoz,
Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Dubai, the UAE
Hours: Day & Night

Instagram: @kings_rental_cars