KONE, a leading global entity in the elevator and escalator sector, is honored to collaborate with Al Wasl Properties to deliver cutting-edge smart and sustainable vertical transportation solutions for the Wasl Tower, recognized as the world's tallest sustainable building. KONE has installed 11 high-speed elevators capable of 6m/s, 20 mid-rise elevators, and four escalators, all featuring AI-driven predictive maintenance and 24/7 connected services. The company's dedication to fostering sustainable urban environments and structures is clearly reflected in the solutions and services provided for the Wasl Tower, emphasizing safety, accessibility, and environmental stewardship.

"The Wasl Tower project is a perfect match with our mission to advance sustainable urban living and showcases our commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions. It is a great source of pride for KONE to be involved in this project," states Pascal Nassour, Managing Director of KONE UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. "This initiative highlights the significance of partnering with top sustainable entities that offer advanced energy-saving technologies to meet local Green Building standards. We are privileged to be part of the development of this smart and sustainable landmark."

Throughout the project, KONE maintained the highest levels of quality and efficiency, taking proactive measures and meticulously managing logistics to sustain the project's progress. The use of Construction Time Use (CTU) elevators, which were exceptionally fast and operated at the core of the Tower, facilitated rapid movement of workers and materials, enhancing site productivity and adhering to the construction timeline. "Work at Wasl Tower was expedited, more efficient, and perfectly on schedule, reflecting KONE's commitment to improving building functionality for all," explains Nassour.

Safety is a cornerstone in all KONE offerings, incorporating health-enhancing features such as antimicrobial surfaces, handrail sanitizers, and air purifiers to ensure a safer and more hygienic environment. KONE's designs also facilitate easy access and mobility for individuals with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity in buildings and transportation hubs. Furthermore, KONE's smart and sustainable solutions assist clients in reducing their environmental impact through energy-efficient products and regenerative drives that harness the power of braking systems and feed it back into the Tower's electrical grid.

"The future is characterized by sustainability, smart technology, and connectivity. Elevators now optimize energy usage based on occupancy and time of day, and advanced algorithms group passengers heading to the same floor, minimizing stops and operational time. With 24/7 Connected Services, we monitor equipment performance remotely and identify potential issues before they occur. Often, customers are unaware of problems until they are already resolved, with a detailed report dispatched. I am thrilled about the digitalization opportunities for us and our clients," concludes Nassour.