The Republic of Korea is set to trial a K-culture training visa for foreigners this year and is contemplating the introduction of a new workation visa, aiming to draw more international tourists, according to the finance ministry's announcement on Monday. Yonhap, the Korean news agency, reported that these measures are part of a broader strategy which includes streamlining entry processes and developing diverse tour programs to enhance visitor satisfaction and convenience. The government plans to initiate the trial of the K-culture training visa, designed for individuals interested in participating in programs related to K-pop, choreography, and other cultural fields. Additionally, there is consideration for expanding the digital nomad visa, allowing foreigners to work remotely while exploring South Korea. The workation visa has been under a one-year trial since January, and the government is exploring ways to vary its conditions in collaboration with local governments, offering foreigners more incentives and choices for their work and tour stays in specific regions of the Republic of Korea. In a related development, President Sheikh Mohamed visited the Republic of Korea in May for a two-day state visit, discussing the enhancement of the special strategic partnership between the UAE and Korea. It is also notable that in 2015, Dubai Tourism established its first office in Seoul, South Korea, to promote the city as a tourist destination and attract more visitors.