In a recent interview, American actor and producer Kristen Wiig shared her reflections on her enduring involvement with the Despicable Me franchise. Initially cast as Miss Hattie, she never expected to return, but was delighted to be invited back as Lucy, Gru's wife, in later films. Wiig discussed the new and familiar faces in the cast, expressing her excitement about collaborating with talents like Steve Carell and newcomers such as Will Ferrell and Sofía Vergara. The introduction of Mega Minions, described as supercharged gremlins, enhances the film's entertainment value.

During the conversation, Wiig talked about what the franchise means to her. She was initially surprised to still be involved nearly 15 years after the first film's release. Wiig was happy to play Miss Hattie in the first movie but assumed her role would end after the adoption storyline. Being asked to return as a different character in the next three films was a pleasant surprise and one of her favorite experiences.

Wiig explained that the films resonate with a wide audience, making her part of a beloved family. She appreciates the opportunity to bring joy, especially in current times. The franchise's appeal lies in its blend of action, comedy, and family themes, with heartfelt moments that can be tear-jerking.

Returning as the skilled secret agent Lucy, Gru's wife and mother to their children, Wiig admires Lucy's energy and protective nature, which she relates to in her own family life. She looks forward to watching Despicable Me 4 with her children, who are fans of the Minions. Wiig finds it easy to reprise her role due to the character's energetic and supportive nature.

In the upcoming film, Gru, Lucy, and the kids move to a new town. Lucy views the relocation as an adventure, focusing on keeping her family safe and excited. She also takes on a new job as a hairdresser to maintain anonymity. Wiig highlighted the return of Steve Carell as Gru and the addition of a stellar cast in Despicable Me 4.

The Mega Minions, with their superpowers, add an exciting element to the film. Wiig expressed interest in having super strength as a superpower and joked about the impracticality of napping as a superpower. She enjoys working with director Chris Renaud, finding the experience creatively fulfilling and fun.

Wiig agreed that voicing an animated character is liberating, allowing actors to focus solely on their voice performance. She believes the films continue to succeed because they are familiar, family-oriented, and consistently feature hilarious villains.